Direction is key to living in harmony with yourself

The direction of our lives is filled with harmony and intent. What we pray about is how we lead our life. See something is always shown to you in your heart, this is intentional, this is direction. This is something you are meant to follow. When you all of a sudden try to stop the guidance from yourself, you are intentionally betraying yourself. You are making a deep defense to true authenticity by not following the passion of your heart.

Have you ever wondered why only some things in your life flow more passionately than others? Have you ever thought, “When Im doing this, I have no cares or struggle, but when I’m doing this other thing, I have a deep struggle within to keep going” It can be anything, a job, a relationship a hobby, a meeting your committed to. Is it of your heart, is it your passion? Are you passionate? Are you willing to give up one for the other or give up so you can create another passionate creation?

See sometimes we start creating something someone told us to do, it could be a spouse that never supported us. It could be someone we studied with pushing us to create an avenue they are passionate about. It could even be an intense decision you never were really too happy about, but you did it anyway for the sake of commitment. Did you take one for the team? Are you doing something, you really aren’t that excited about? Im sure many people are doing things they aren’t passionate about. There are many people who take jobs and pastimes to fulfill gaps in their time instead of filling the gaps in their heart.

Now let me show you why following your heart is the greatest way to achieve greatness. See a long time ago, the pyramids were built very very fast and efficiently, but how did the developers know how to carry this out so swiftly, so immaculately? They listened to their heart center and carried out the exact method needed to fulfill this amazing task. It was all through the meditation and prayer to the heart center, the connection with God.

Anastasia Deva Ray

Master yourself and live your soul purpose passionately, it’s never to late to begin. To sign up for the series to divine soul mastery visit us at

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