It’s clear to me that you are ready to play out your most desired wishes and plans. You passions are the biggest pride in your life. These passions are imprinted in your soul. You are divine in everything you do so please know these passions must grow. Tell me how you know? Are you living your passions now? Are you waiting for the right time? This is how you know.

Will you start now or what is stopping your growth? Is it easy to see what is blocking you? If you see these blockages, then what is stopping you? Dear one, you must proceed, your talents are imprinted in you, this is your chore, this is your task. This is the law, this is what we ask. Can you see yourself living passionately now? Can you see your self grow?


You will see it is all that you know. If your dream is to be passionate, then your life must be so, take the time to nurture your passions, take the time to feel this passion, take the time to experience every moment. It is completely in your hands now, this is how you will passionately grow. You are loved.

Anastasia Deva

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