The Angelic presence in your life

As you become more aware of your journey, you will start to see an angelic presence around you. This presence is beyond all mystery meetings. It will be a time when you really, really needed someone to show you the higher divine excellence that they live each day. They are a form of a strong inspiration that is sent to you, to make you see that you are worthy of this journey and that everything you are going through is absolutely in alignment because they will share many things that you will resonate with. All of this is a part of the journey process to activate the divine within.

As you proceed, you will find many people starting to align with you and the angelic presence in your life. You will be able to lead people the same way you have been lead and you will create more and more amazing divine relationships starting in the now, just by becoming more aligned each day. There is absolutely a plethora of assistance and angel presence on earth at this time, leading the ascension. You will see so many people who are aligned with each other in this life time who were also aligned in a past lifetime doing the same order or missionary work for the collective.

There are many ways to recognize this. Is there someone that you are leaning on to as you align each day? Someone whom you highly respect and admire for their divine excellence? This is how you will recognize the angelic presence in your life. Take some time to see that this presence is absolutely amazing and divine and you have the opportunity of a lifetime to extend your gratitude and love to learn everything that you need to on this journey to soul mastery.

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