The Awakening Process — Golden Twin Rays

As a divine woman and a divine man, you must understand that everything will be a commitment, a commitment to life and a commitment to each other. It is easy to be able to say, that you would like to have it your way. You would like to learn a new way, but the way to your path is through awakening.

The awakening process is done through the realizations of belief systems. It is done through the process of love. It is awakening to the truth. It is realizing and understanding, it is divine love. It is a tremendous experience of loving your divine self. It is awakening your divine energy, the process of removing all the illusions you created in the past. You see this life was created to learn your true self, before the illusions and before ego and disguises were set. It is very important to go back to your original self, because that is the highest potential of you’re being. That is the process. That is learning how to awaken oneself to divine understanding and worshipping the divine source for divine guidance. You will see this way is the ultimate way, to your true being. You will discover the bigger meaning of life, you will discover the quality of living as a divine masculine and feminine. You will attract true love, you will attract partnerships with the right people for your best interests. This is the awakening process and its benefits.

How do you awaken?

Deep process meditation is the method used to connect with divine source. It is the method used to align yourself with the divine guides that have been appointed to you by God, when your soul was created.

It is the total restoration of life. There is no other way, nobody can restore you but you, yourself. Nobody can heal you but you, from within. See many will try to get help but they will be deceived. They will be enchanted, they will be manipulated. The best way to do this is to allow this light in, allow this light to glow inside and heal from inside out. This is the true nature of life, from your heart. Love heals all from within, so if there’s any problems stopping you from love, take all the issues with you into divine guidance with meditation and release this to the universe to heal yourself, to get insight on all the solutions you need. This process will allow you to heal. It will allow you to bring about a better purpose for yourself and it will be shown to you very clearly, what your decisions and methods are to take on any matters you may have. You will have to awaken to this system to allow the divine presence in your life, allow the healing to start.

Always go back to this method, as needed, and as much as you need to allow your life to blossom at its highest possible vibration. This is the process to awakening to spirit, awakening to yourself and awakening to love. Do you ever wonder why some people are so happy and so sure of all their achievements and success and the ability to create businesses and relationships that are so perfect? Do you ever wonder why they are so empowered and free spirited? We imagine that they have come to realization with their original true self before mind programming, set backs and illusions that stop us. These illusions are hurting people from their greatest opportunities, so it’s important to stop asking too many people for help and start contacting the direct source within for this guidance which is the ultimate truth to your soul life. This is your soul path, what works for you, is different that what works for someone else. So we always recommend going within. People have taken too long to understand this in their lives, so it is important that you succeed and learn this at a very young age or as soon as possible.

This is your lesson. This is your guidance for life, a very successful life. You see, everyone eventually comes to this understanding, but doesn’t know it until someone shows it. People want to see proof to believe it. Show yourself you can do this, prove it, use it and then achieve it. You will always be inspiration through your divine work and character. Your true self represents who you are to be, its really a total discovery to self, awakening is the process to discover oneself, in order to discover everything that is of the best interest to you. We know you love this life, we know you would love to achieve and bring the best interests possible into your life, so the process of meditation is very simple.


Imagine laying down or sitting in a comfortable position, control you’re breathing long and slow. Inhale and exhale. While you do this, you want to release all thoughts in your head and all distractions and interferences. You want to focus on your connection to the divine. You will want to say, “ I would like to connect to divine source”. Maintain your breathing for a few minutes till you mind is clear and all you feel is the essence of you’re breathing.

Now ask a question, anything you wish to know about your problem. Take a moment to allow the information to process, the first thoughts about your issues is usually the response you get towards your solution. It’s actually very incredible. Every time you do it, it will get easier and clearer. Don’t exert yourself or frustrate yourself. If you don’t receive anything, you can try again at a later time. You may also use smooth calming music or instrumentals. You may use sage or incense to purify your surroundings to avoid interferences.

You will come to more realization every time you practice this. Remember to always thank your guides for the guidance. Remember how you feel, how the energy feels. The divine plan for everyone is already set. It is important to have your awakening process to manifest this divine plan into your life now. Set aside all illusions and world programming and reset your entire system. It is the full source of life.

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