The best way to see the divine plan

When you find a way to make it through to a better plan for you, you will start to see a vibration within come to you in different ways, in different areas of your life. This vibration is the vibration of God and it is the God frequency within that we hold the connection to everything that is of the highest divine plan. So when you find out that a plan is for you then you will bring more and more justification to your plan as you meditate, everything will confirm.

We are here to show you a divine plan that is already a part of you, it is actually something that is supposed to always be you in every life, but sometimes we move away from this plan, because we do not see it within ourselves or some ulterior incident happened in your life and you no longer can find or see this plan as a part of you, but it truly is once you can tap into your higher divine essence and find out the truth.

So how do you know if the plan you think is the right plan, is actually the right plan?

The answer is simple. By asking God for our plan of a lifetime, we will feel a download that is meant for us to hear, our plan of God. There are also 7 blueprint activators in the world, who can give you your blueprint. Not many exist because it is a direct connection with the fire of the Earth’s central sun. There are only 7 connections to this energy source. We shouldn’t have to ask any human for our blueprint because their information will not be accurate and the blueprint has nothing to do with Astrology. Do not get it confused. The best way is to master your connection and activate the divine within and find out all about your divine soul blueprint. This will show you a revolutionary way to live in the divine flow of everyone else who is mastering their divine soul blueprint to make an amazing structure of 5D Earth.

Divine Soul Blueprints

Activate the divine within

Author. I write the light for love, freedom and soul mastery. Ascended Deva Ray — anointed author. Divine Soul Activator.

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