The development of unique ways to bring divine love

When all you do is reach for love, you will find a plethora of experiences become attracted to your definite frequency. Your frequency of love attracts everything that is of love. If you can reach the divine flow of love, you will find tremendous value in interacting with all things shown to you with love. The choices you make will determine the rewards you receive, everything has a frequency, a frequency of love.

Take a time you wanted to reach a tremendous level of satisfaction after you finished a project. You know you spent extensive time establishing a project determined to create and receive love, your intention set the value of the project so you attracted the love meant to receive. While most people do this, some opt to show a low vibration into their intentions with their projects, this will bring a frequency of the same value of intentions in your rewards.

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to manifest abundance knowing how to use your frequency for success and love? Everything that is good and of the right frequency deserves the rewards expected and more. It’s simply sweet satisfaction and bliss operating with the divine frequency of love in all that you do. The value you create and give out to the world is massive and is full of great results for you and everyone around you.

See when you use the frequency of love in all that you do, you will bring about a greater achievement not just for you but for all of humanity because you have now become the inspiration of the frequency of love.

Anastasia Deva Ray

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