After you find out what your divine soul blueprint is, you will see that there is a discipline that you must carry out. Say for instance you find yourself absolutely enjoying who you are and what you mission is but there is just something that is not pushing your momentum.

The discipline you need will be the first thing you work on. This is the structure of your life pertaining to a specific task. So how do you proceed now? It is very important that you take the time to make the best of your energy daily. Are you spending time doing things that turn into worthless results, for instance reading a lot of what other people are doing and then you never end up doing much at all. You start to wander into the worlds of other individuals, instead of using your energy to create the fire that is needed to create a world influence of who you truly are. We do not need attention but we do need success, correct? This is why we are here influence the world with our unique blueprint and fire within.

It is time to use the self discipline needed to transpire into marvelous art of the soul. Your passion is your mission and this comes from your soul. This mastery is untold but you will see that this mastery is unique to your own individual soul, nobody can spell this out for you but you, you have the keys to unlock the mastery. We have the tools to make you see that you have the keys and how to use them. It is a simple formula of knowing how to connect with the right commands to unlock these abilities that make you the highest potential of your soul.

Would you understand if I told you, that I know what you need and how to access everything else you need to become a master of your craft?

Anastasia Deva Ray


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