While taking the time to understand that life on all parts is actually meant to be lived in a divine way as God once created us to be. This divine essence is one of a kind because it is unique to our highest divine part of us and that is our soul essence. The soul has several memory systems that carries everything we ever experienced, everything we have ever wanted in this life is actually part of our soul essence. That means simply that our soul is unique and our soul is capable of carrying memory of all that we experience and everything we experience makes up the health system of our soul.

So if for instance we are continuously making decisions that are not of our highest good, then the soul is being damaged and destroyed in ways we have no perception or control over. It is just a natural way of losing aspects of our soul over many, many lifetimes. These aspects that we lose are actually also a big part of our evolution and life cycle because when we reincarnate into a new life, we start to see that our life is absolutely going through the repercussions of any damage we may or may have not displayed during previous lives.

So what is it that we need to do to make sure that we are of the highest divine every time we proceed into a new life term?

The answer is simple, you see every time we know we are going to pass over, we have to realize that the choices we made in this current life is going to affect our next life. Even the people we hurt in this life will be shown to us in our next life for us to facilitate karmic healing with them. That means making amends to heal each other and come to a natural understanding and forgiveness between two souls so that this pain is not further carried into the next lifetime.

How do you process the ways of understanding this lifetime and the next lifetime?

You have to understand that living in this lifetime is all about the growth and healing of your soul being so that in the next lifetime you are actually furthering the abundance that your soul must experience in order to feel peace and harmony. The more you destroy the soul over lifetimes, the more inner work has to be done on the soul in order to get back to the healing and divine template you are meant to be from the beginning of time. This is how you see that life is one of the most amazing journeys to excellence. It is all up to you to master this life, master your heart and soul, and always become the highest potential of your soul being.

How will you manage being the most highest divine essence if you do not begin healing the lost aspects of your soul?

We take many aspects of life with us into each new soul life experience, we deliver so much to so many people as we bring about out true authentic soul being, but when we are not bringing out the best of ourselves we start to send out messages and support of a destructive force that is not recommended for any souls to experience. We start to lose our self, our divine passions and our divine excellence. So wouldn’t you want to take the the opportunity to master the divine within and master everything that is off your divine soul essence? Off course you would, nobody wants to live in a poor destructive life with only the bare necessities. We all want the abundance of love, passion and abundance and we all want to live in the highest divine lifestyles that bring us and our families, peace and harmony and divine opportunities that make us truly magnificent beings of love and light.




Author. I write the light for love, freedom and soul mastery. Ascended Deva Ray — anointed author. Divine Soul Activator.

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