The Divine Within — A true story

As you know when you are born, you have a sense of intuition, everyone does. As you grow up, you see the world differently because so many things altered your intuition. The programming on tv, cartoons, fast food, fake engineered and modified foods. It all is a way of distorting the truth from being carried out naturally. We are divine naturally, we only alter ourselves through our childhood and upbringing because our parents too were also programmed for generations and also lifetimes.

Now there are many ways to reverse this, simply by connecting with the divine within, you start to carry a new and clear way of life which is absolutely aligned with the divine within, this is our divine connection to God through our christ centered heart. This consciousness is how we use our intuition and our discernment to read all truth around us and also guide ourselves into a life of harmony and divine resonance. You see nobody can tell you what is wrong or right, but when you have the connection to the divine, you are shown clearly what is the wrong path and the right path. This is divine excellence, once you are following the right path to become divine. You see being divine is the only way to receive your abundance. Becoming divine is how you follow the plan of God. This plan is unique, this plan was already created before you were born. This plan is what everyone must master in this lifetime in order to master their life plan. You see when you master this plan you reach a level of SOUL MASTERY. Soul mastery is something that is necessary for your soul evolution. Wouldn’t you want to master your soul in this lifetime than rather carry this work over to the next life time?

We were not meant to create a slow path to master our soul. We were meant to do it since birth. How will you proceed not knowing if you are fulfilling your divine soul plan? We will show you how to master everything that is the highest divine plan for you in this life time and all lifetimes. Simply by receiving your plan you will bring in new passions and skills you never knew was a part of you naturally. There are so many method to master this and we have many books to teach you exactly how. We also have your divine soul plan straight from your akashic record, the first one.


Author. I write the light for love, freedom and soul mastery. Ascended Deva Ray — anointed author. Divine Soul Activator.

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