The levels between each dimension are the safest places you will see, it shows you what life can be. It shows you which ways to lead your life, how to clear your life and how to understand each dimension of life. You will learn how to manipulate all existence on all planes. We say manipulate because this is how you create change. Manipulate some things for removal in order for new adjustments to take place in order. For example, if you have a lot of unwanted junk such as, mind programming, entities, attachments, parasites, you will manipulate these areas to allow the change and adjustment to your light body system. Purify your light body system and that in turn will purify your main physical body. It is the ultimate purge of your system. Severe purification process of all the toxins you ever achieved possible in this lifetime or maybe past life times included, which makes this a very huge detoxification of self. This is not an illusion. This is very much different in each system, each person will have a different length of purification process depending on the exposure it has had. When people tell you their thoughts, those thoughts become attachments. You have to learn how to control these and also be able to manipulate these for removal. You have this power inside of you, becoming more aware of what you are putting into your mind and ultimately what your soul will carry. Did you ever think that you could find access to these thoughts we call attachments? It could be bad names, teasing, guilt, shame, fear, low confidence, depression, trauma, abuse, these are all attachments inside each of us that were created. It is very possible to remove this.

When you meditate, you can take a trip to your subconscious mind space and manipulate these attachments by simply calling unto them and asking it to be released. This is how you release all attachments. You are admitting to having them and you admit to release them. It’s a very wise task for your ascension path, take the initiative to release all emotional attachments. This will clear and open up new worlds for you, a world of love and a world of opportunity. You know your world is true, you know your world is safe, when you have removed all emotional attachments. We can also remove parasitic entities that have been draining our energy, this is very easy and can be done in a few days of releasing. The best way is to command the angels and divine team to assist.

Do you think you have gained all knowledge about self? This is the time to gain access to all that is you. You owe it to yourself to activate these chambers within you. We know you have been created with amazing gifts. This is how you reach them. Activate the codes within yourself. Become who God created you to be. This is true love, true essence and purity of self. Never deny the love that we gave you when you were created, God’s love is pure state. You will reach your pure state and you will live a pure life. This is God’s plan. There is no man or woman withouts God’s love. There is no existence of beauty without God’s love. There is no controlled order of God’s love. Do not let others control your love without Gods love. This is how you reach pure state. Live for the moment of truth and purity, God’s love, God consciousness, one for all. This is determined by your mind state, your beliefs and your system of consciousness. Release all illusions, release all fears, bring yourself back to pure state. This is the method of all twin souls to reach one whole divine union with self. You must reach divine union with one self to carry out your divine mission path alone and in reunion with your divine part. It is very important to reach pure state. It is very important to bring back pure love.

It is very important to bring back love and change back into your life. Allow the changes to proceed. Allow the natural laws of God to adjust to your complete body system and light body alignment. This is how you reach a state of bliss and reunion with you divine part.

Author. I write the light for love, freedom and soul mastery. Ascended Deva Ray — anointed author. Divine Soul Activator.

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