Once upon a time, there were two souls, one soul was old and one soul was new. When one soul was incarnate, it became a human being only to find that it had lost aspects of it’s soul. It went through so many struggles wanting to heal the lost aspects of its soul. It didn’t matter how long it took, what mattered was how much it wanted to heal. How much did this soul want to renew, this soul had to renew in order to be “new” once again. See, being new is like having a perfect soul that never got hurt throughout all the destruction of many lifetimes.

If you think you only heal stuff from this lifetime, think again, you are carrying lifetimes of healing in order to heal as a twin soul. Now, there is that other soul who is hurt as equally as you have been, it may be a new soul but it still have about the same amount of healing to achieve as you do. See, you are the one that has to heal in order for the newer soul to achieve its full healing.

Are you mad because you are an old soul? Surely you love who you are? So take the time now to heal who you are. Take the time now to show the world they way to heal and renew any damage done to their soul. See, if you can teach this healing and show it through your pain, then you can teach this to so many and heal all souls as they go through any destruction, you are healing the future of humanity by mastering your own healing.

This is how you heal one twin soul and one human soul at a time. Some of the twins came from other planet systems, there are so many, so while you think this is your last lifetime, it surely isn’t for there is another system that you will incarnate as your soul evolves into perfect harmony with the universe. You will find out all the reasons there are to master your unique divine soul blue print and remain pure in all the systems you will ever be. Learn the way to soul mastery.

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