The love of a lifetime is here so why are you running?

When you come to see that every person you meet will show you a side of them that will resonate with your soul. Now, you know in the first five minutes if this occurs, you also know when it’s the wrong connection and even though you stay in this bond relationship, you still stay in the bond. You know when the bond matches your soul or not.

So why stay in a relationship bond that you do not enjoy to the fullest? Why run from the one that matches your soul? Did you ever think that maybe you were running away from yourself, from your truth of who you truly are and who you truly deserve in your life? It’s pretty simple, see love is a big decision and it is also a big distraction, depending on how strong this bond is. Take a time, you didn’t want to be serious with someone, but you still catered to their position in your life. You allowed them to make themselves comfortable in your space you didn’t really love sharing for the right reasons. You robbed yourself of what you truly deserve. You robbed yourself of peace and love and divine timing of everything that is right in your life.

Now some of you are only n relationships for money. Some of you are only happy because the one you are with provides for you and your children. Some of you listen to your mothers and friends who tell you to go for the rich wealthy man and never go for the one you love because you will struggle. See, this programming your mothers and sisters brought upon you and this can also be a belief that had been passed down through generations of your family. It’s sad to say that if you continued to live this way and you continued to become this person and teach your children the same, you are part of the global problem of creating divorces, fake realities and fake love in this beautiful world.

Now I’m not here to insult anyone especially my own family, but I am here to tell all women and gents around the world that we cannot keep creating these problems generation after generation. Our children are running away from us because we make bad decisions, we lose our family unity because of separation due to the marriage of fake or beneficial love. This is a tragic dilemma in all nations and all lands, belief systems and religious organized marriages. When can you start to take the time to change this cycle within your own family? When can you take the time to see that the choices you are allowing by silencing yourself instead of standing up for the values and morals of family unity, is causing so much destruction in the world. See broken families bring broken promises, fatherless children and a poverty rate much higher than if we had unity.

Why are you not living your life to the fullest potential of your soul, by first starting with yourself. Are you in the right relationship or is it just beneficial for your bank account and not exactly beneficial for your soul, for the souls and heart of your children? While you think you are taking care of the children, you are really taken away some of their soul by teaching them your way is best. No it’s not best, losing your destiny is not best, losing parts of your soul is not the best for you of any children. We all deserve to live our lives to the highest potential. We all have to become authentic in order to show our children that being authentic is the best solution for them not what their grandmothers taught them or their fathers who showed men how to use women to get ahead by using a women to help them financially stay afloat.

Why have some of you chose to leave your true loves for women and men whom you really don’t like that much, in fact you cant wait to leave them for the day. You try so hard to make your life better by using another only to find out that your losing your soul in the process. Do not become a part of the destruction of this beautiful planet. It all starts with you. Do not run from the one that is meant for you, the one that God showed you is waiting for you, the one that was always there from the start, the one that chose you. That is who you should be with, because once you choose the right one, guess what everything is provided to you, yes by the grace of God you will always live in abundance when you choose to live the life God has created for you.

We all have a plan, are you living your plan? Do you know your plan? Do you see that it is a time in life that the world is in desperate need to change. Have you noticed the separation of people because of how they live their life? The righteous people are gathering in groups of divine creation and the ones living on a lower vibration than pure consciousness are also gathering in their groups of chaos on earth. It is time to choose your destiny in the best vibration for your life. Choose the best vibration of associates and creations in your life because in the end of everything when this world changes to the new plan, you want to be safe in the best groups and structures being designed now for you highest good of you, your soul and your loved ones.

There is a true world of changes occurring at this time, choose your life from your heart because as you know you will be judged by God when it is time to separate destruction from love. The time is now as the world turns we are vibrating into the new 5D earth consciousness, are you going to make the right choices or are you going to leave yourself out of the global consciousness that is taking place right now as we speak. You are a part of everything and everything is a part of you. Where will you see yourself amongst these changes?

Do your part to make the necessary adjustments for your life and the future of the children, they are the ones that deserve the right path in life. Its okay if you made the wrong choices, you have time to now face yourself and create the direction God has intended for you and all your loved ones. Be the change and become the change, don’t just forget about this because it will be one of the most neglected choices on top of the other wrong choices you have made. Yes living a life, not of God is wrong and only you can change your destiny. Nobody will trust you or work with you knowing the choices that you took to live a life not of the most high creation on Mother Earth.

Anastasia Deva Ray

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