The obedience of divine intimacy

As you can see there is always a way to have the utmost divine love come forward to you. This love is divine and a love that comes from the highest part of your soul. The intimacy shared between these lovers is true divine alchemy. There is a deep gratitude for this union of divine love between two, you see because the union brings forward a third divine energy that creates an amazing creation of the highest divine love and frequency. This creation can be a child or a business and this creation will do wonders for the world.

This is how you push forward and knowing that this intimacy is so sacred that you are obedient enough to fully surrender to the mastery of the divine union between two divine souls. Intimacy is sacred and in honor of each other’s sacred life you must share an obedient discipline to make this mastery a high divine love that nobody can conquer of break because if it is broken then you lose the high frequency value that it holds. This is how you can see that the divine way to love is through obedient and sacred intimacy.

Anastasia Deva Ray

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