The one you love is the one you will stay with

We want to take the time to show you the way frequencies work. Did you know that the entire time you have been here on earth, you have been only attracting lovers and friendships of your exact frequency? Every time you enhance your frequency, you attract a different association with new beings.

It is the wonderful way of life and connections. You are wonderful and every day is a step into a higher direction of your wonderful life. Now take a time when you wanted to simply become a divine presence in someones life, you know when people really need someone to talk to you and you appear to help? Yes, these are the moments you will realize that your frequency is changing and people are starting to reach out to you for guidance and higher assistance. Isn’t it wonderful growing as you are, finding all the ways to become higher in consciousness, the remarkable divine way of life? Yes, it truly is a wise choice to become more conscious and more aware of everything around you and also become an anchor that can assist all around you.

Now you know that the one that you are attracting into your life is the one you will find yourself loving the most because he or she is now your frequency, you are meant to be and if you change your frequency then you will attract different beings. See with new frequencies come new understanding, new revelations and a new thought process that is higher than most other frequencies to understand. Surely you want to have good time with people who understand how wonderful you spark every time you unite with them? Enjoy the frequency of the ones you love the most, but most of all enjoy the frequency of love.

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