The position that you hold is greater than the position that you do not need in your life

There is a greater position in your life that you need to hold, this position is the highest potential of your soul. You see there are many people in this world that have to get to their highest potential of their passion to really be a success in this lifetime. Are you becoming a success simply by mastering your divine highest blueprint?

There are easy steps to soul mastery which is mastery of the self. Self mastery is something we earn by moving forward in divine alignment with our higher divine potential. We have to be the true version of ourselves, but what is it that we are lacking to see that the highest potential is something that is our true divine passion.

It is easy to find out, simply by asking your higher divine soul, “ What is my divine soul blueprint?” This is how you can move forward and start to see that your blueprint is your definite passion in this world. You blueprint is defined by you utmost divine essential capability to be who you are meant to be. Are you able to meditate for these answers. There are ways to learn meditation and this will get you started to work with your blueprint consciously always meditating and praying for the higher divine access to the most immaculate intelligence that is needed for divine excellence.

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