The Promise of the law of God

There is a law that all abiding citizens of the world follow the guidelines of the natural ways of the earth which is nature in itself. There is a law that the world is bringing forward new foundations and new developments within its hemispheres. As you can see these developments are due to the entire vibration of the planet, these vibrations are here to uplift every person into a higher divine way of life which in turn uplifts the vibration of the earths core.

Are you taking the initiative to process the divine work of your inner being? This is the most important part of the entire world upgrading into the new divine 5D earth and it is time we be a part of this amazing transition to a smooth and divine way of being. If you take the time to see that your own frequency has to uplift, then you will be a part of the change on earth. This is how you manifest change on earth and all around you in your life. This change is needed to full-fill the plan of the new divine 5d Earth Consciousness.

Are you vibrating in this field as yet? What do you need to do to activate yourself? Do you need to activate your chakras and light body? There are ways to succeed on this and there is assistance available, just by using the writers tools you can step forward and activate your divine power within by activating everything that you need to enter the 5D Earth Consciousness.

Anastasia Deva Ray

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