Im here to tell you that we are busy moving

along the twin flame collective to find the twin flames that are ready for union. You will be chosen to take on new roles. These roles will exist in your life in your area with your twin. We are pushing forward now, your purposes and missions. Do not hesitate to take charge of your mission. We will bring you all that you need and all that you want to live out this purpose. I want you all to know, its time to heal. That light within must be healed. It must rise. You are the only one in power. Believe in the strength of your life. Take Control. Be aware of illusions. Disregard what does not resonate. Build forward and move faster. We urge you to take initiative. We pray for your destructive ways to transform at this moment. It is time to focus on your path and your mission. We are tired of waiting.

The collective needs to come together, we urge you to take the courage to move in with your missions, proceed with your twin, don’t wither in your steps. Put aside disbeliefs and live in the now. Don’t wait for the future to be with you divine. Move in now, reunite with your divine counterpart, you are wanted you are needed. This is the life we have chose and this is the time to approach what we are here to do. Its finally time, we will proceed. We are here to bring you all together to bring healing, to bring strength and to bring courage and peace. Once you have all attained this, you will bring each other into reunion. You must awaken to your soul mark. You must achieve your soul spark, you must reunite with your twin, divine masculine and divine feminine. This is achievable with total balance, total trust and belief in each others existence, source and path. Trust each other. Live in the now and do not wither. The divine twins are called now for union of paths, missions and responsibility. We have to align the wave of twins who are called at this time. You will hear from us directly. We call you forward now. Please take your missions into action, there will be a time each day you must use to reawaken everyday to follow your mission. You will not be left astray. We are guiding you, with you and through you. We thank you for your achievements in arriving at this destination point, it’s truly an honor to guide you and I wait for you each day to partake in the divine process that awaits. You are loved.

Author. I write the light for love, freedom and soul mastery. Ascended Deva Ray — anointed author. Divine Soul Activator.