Children Childhood Watercolor Painting by Donald Zolan

The wonderful ways of our God connection

There is a wonderful way to praise God, it is within your heart, it is within your soul. Take some time to connect now, bow your head and connect with your heart. Take three deep breaths and say “God, I connect with you now” You will feel a connection within your heart, connect to God. Take this connection and keep it in your heart. It is meant to activate anytime you need to speak to God. Feel the connection, remember its vibration, remember how it feels, so when God wants to talk to you, you can feel the embrace as a part of you.

God is not some person in the sky, God is not someone in a religious group, God is a part of you and a part of I. I am a part of God’s fire, you are a part of God’s fire. Yes its true, God loves you and you are a part of everything that exists. Everything here right now is a part of you, for God is a part of you too.

Did you know that you can connect to so many people from within your heart? Yes it’s true, you can connect to so many people through their hearts. I would love to show you how. Would you like to learn how to connect to everyone through their heart? It’s very simple, you can say to your friend, “I would like to connect to your heart with the love of God” You will see you will build a connection to your friend with love and with God. Now you can enjoy a beautiful sensational conversation with the ones you love.

This is how you magnify all the beauty within your heart, with God, with love and with all your loved ones.

Anastasia Deva Ray

Author. I write the light for love, freedom and soul mastery. Ascended Deva Ray — anointed author. Divine Soul Activator.