Twin souls and living for your purpose

I know your wondering why you’re here. It’s been planned for many, many years. You see, when you were created, we brought two, we taught two, it’s simple to know you are two. Im showing you now, you are still two, but you will work as one. Do you think we created two to work in 2? Im showing you now the work is done in one. You see the energy we need is indeed in two, it is up to you to become one. You will be given one task for one journey. There is no separate journeys after reunion. There is only one light, one way. I believe it is planned this way. I believe you will know one way.

Do not wither in your steps. This is your purpose. Live in your purpose. Do not go astray. Do not leave the life you were given. It is up to you to take this challenge. Take this life the way it is shown. You know this life is the same one you chose.

It wont change. It is meant for your purpose. This is the divine law you will live by. Come into your purpose, come into your light, show us your light, show us your bond. Show us your purpose. Is it Strong? You are loved.

How to find your soul plan:

Author. I write the light for love, freedom and soul mastery. Ascended Deva Ray — anointed author. Divine Soul Activator.

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