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What is immaculate conception?

Immaculate Conception is a part of your womb that utilizes the birth of a baby through artificial insemination of the holy spirit. It is also a part of your divine infrastructure meaning it can make the woman completely purified from all sin. This is the part of how we all come into contact with the light children who must be born on Mother Gaia. They will be artificially inseminated by the holy spirit into all divine feminines who are ready to receive the ascension and purification process of procreating life. This is discussed in all human forms, the human form of holy spirit will be amplified into a male spiritual body, but this does not mean that the act of sex must be physical. It is simply planting this seed into the womb and creating the life force of the light child to be born.

If you look back to the days that this was done all throughout history, you will see that no sexual intercourse has happened and the prophet was born. This is how all the light children will return to earth as they did before. The same spirit that has to be reborn will be planted into the woman of choice by God, through artificial insemination of the holy spirit. You also need to know that this act of procreation is very similar to that of Mother Mary, because this child was born of the masculine energy spirit of Archangel Raphael, who is the twin energy of Mother Mary, however Raphael was not physical and had to be the father of the child’s essence. So you see now, that Emmanuel has the full characters of Mother Mary and the Archangel Raphael in the physical because Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael were divine twins, however only one was incarnate on earth at the time. This is the way that birthing of child had to happen.

This is why Joseph was not part of the blood line of Emmanuel. You will now see that many woman will procreate this way because if your twin is not incarnate, this is how all procreation will now be for the new earth Mother Gaia. It is how the angels and prophets will return at this time.

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