What would you do if you wanted to make the best lifestyle you ever dreamed of?

Anastasia Deva Ray
5 min readMar 6, 2019

Take a time in a day that everything is going your way. What would you do if you could have your way when everything you dreamed of was going well for you each day. How would you live your life knowing everything was perfect and well proportioned to your lifestyle, meaning everything you ever wanted was at your fingertips and at any art of the day you could absolutely call this to you and make a major decision to create something so wonderful and unique that anything you do will surely activate as soon as you do it.

This is something you have to learn through years and years of life experience. This is something you will learn through trial and error, but what if I told you I could show you how to become this limitless version of yourself in less than 11 months? Would you join a program that is going to make you so limitless and allow you to manifest everything that God has planned for you and much more.

See we are not talking about the law of attraction, because that is not always of God, but we are talking about the infinite possibilities of reaching divine retribution and following the natural divine laws with no setback and no illusions. A program of divine understanding that will make your life so authentic and true to yourself you will wonder why you havent gone through this program many years ago, approximately during you high school era.

I know you are wondering how could this be, well what if I told you I had the hidden keys and codes to activate you from your heart and totally transform your divine spirit and essence and make you manifest anything your hear desires and more with a definite promise of abiding by the laws of God, laws of love and the divine laws that created this land?

Im talking about a lifestyle that you always dreamed of to be the most perfect paradise on earth and the most valuable prize possession any soul could have. Im not going to lure you into an expensive fad get rich scheme, this program is designed by the 22 initiates of God and the prime divine team that controls all karma and cause and affect. There is simple no other program on the planet that can do what Im about to show you. It is divine law that breaks all illusions, we will show you how to master your soul one day at a time, and you will become the limitless version of you. That is what the world wants of you and that is what you want for you but last and not least, it is what God wants for all of us.

Remember the time you had your first bath as a baby? Think of this program as that day, the day you remembered how ready you were for the world in a fresh new way, a fresh beginning and a brand new life ready to uplift the world along with your growth. This is the day that was the most magical for you. I am going to show you how to relive this day and change everything in your life that every went wrong. I am going to show you what a wonderful world this is once you know how to be a master and show everyone else how to be one too.

Did you ever think there would ever be a program like this? That just showed us what to do? You know the book of life? Well here it is, it is The Book Of the Law for Twin Rays. Twin rays are divine partners created by God. We will show you how to attract the most divine partner that God has created for you. We will show you how to master your friendships and relationships. We will show you how to create a life of business mastery. We will show you what it is like to live a life you always envisioned. See when you vision a lifestyle, you are actually using your intuition to preview your destiny. We have the tools and the codes to show you just exactly how to create your destiny with precision and God intelligence. This is is your birthright. It is the reason you are here to become this greatest potential and live in a paradise with your perfect mate.

Are you tired of the struggles, the bills, the stress, the downfalls?

Don’t you think it’s time you take charge of your role here on earth? What is stopping you from your true authentic self? When will you stop running out of excuses. See the the thing about making excuses is you are manipulating yourself into more illusion and setbacks, but the moment you eat your ego and maybe release it the bathroom, you will see that a magical destiny appears showing you the path with grace and integrity. There’s simply is nothing like it.

Sounds too good to be true?

Ok heres the truth, this program will cost you a roll of toilet paper per day. (the kind that you will use for shitty ego) Thats about 86 cents a day. There is no homework or long study, just a few mastery books that will blow your mind and make you the most amazing person you have ever known. I know that sounds too good to be true too, but what If I promised you that this program is going to work and that the richest people in the world actually used this program. People who used any other method besides God always lose. It’s a proven fact. Look at all the musicians that made so much money following satanic groups, get rich propaganda, yes they are rich but are they still getting rich, still creating, still manifesting greater things, still creating a global frequency without God intelligence? I highly doubt it and you know its a fact that evil money doesn’t really make money. We are talking about passive income that over flows with abundance. We are talking about the most amazing relationships with high vibrational “real rich” people who are not following satanic rituals to become the highest potential. We are talking about people to follow the divine law and create a magical paradise on earth. Yes heaven is literally here on earth and Im going to show you how to create your own piece of heaven right in the palm of your hands for just about 86 cents a day.

Live in abundance everyday, live in truth every day, live in God’s way every day. I will meet you when its time to start this amazing journey with me and the rest of the masterminds on earth. Join Us www.divinesoulplan.com



Anastasia Deva Ray

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