Who are the twin flames? The true purpose of twin flames.

We are the divine future of the world

Did you know, that everywhere in the world there are different types of laws, but these laws are not laws of God. They are not according to his belief system. The laws we have on earth is from a very deceitful original plan not created by God. We know some of you know the truth, but some of you are falling for the trap. This is the trap of illusion. The laws have taken over the twins true nature and made it very difficult for us to operate under our original design. So we now have to do a lot of healing and detoxing of the manipulation that has been done to us. Some of us have done this, some have a long way to go to unravel all the layers of political control and beliefs. These are the things stopping you from your true powers of self. You have been blocking these parts of you that are needed for the missions of God. If you cant reach God, how will you reach your mission?

It’s very simple, this book has shown you everything that you need to do. The ways to you health, the ways to your self, the ways to God and now self help. You will learn the way to use your fire to create new innovative ideas for the new world. The first step is to clear any mind control you have submitted to yourself. Do you watch TV? Do you watch cartoons? Do you play video games? These are some of the things you have used to corrupt your original patterns and systems that God has instilled in us.

What are the things that make you your true self?

Its simple, do all the steps to attain the level of self peace and connect direct to God, for this is the only way to continue on this journey. We have told you everything twice in this book so far. The reason is to remind you as you read, that these steps must be a part of you and your teachings to others.

Teaching others is not giving them readings and clearing and tarot, no that is not helping anyone. Helping other twins is teaching them how to read, how to clear, and how to contact angels without cards, how to connect to God direct. This is what you should be teaching. Isn’t this what you learnt? So why aren’t you teaching others what you learnt? Why aren’t you teaching your brothers and sisters to become teachers instead of treating them like patients? What in you decides to use your brothers and sisters on this journey as a career journey. This is not right brothers and sisters. We need to do better than this. How can you do this to yourself and others? You are not teaching anything. You are not learning more about your powers and neither are they learning more about theirs. We simply don’t have time for this run around, we all have to rise up higher. Become higher teachers and teach more teachers and become stronger, faster as one. How do you devise a plan together, when you are charging everyone to assist them with their growth? This is actually forbidden. We cannot remind you enough times to discontinue these efforts.

Become the change of the new world, this is our mission. Our mission is not to sell readings and twin healing to twins. Light workers will help them, but this is not your job dear twins, do not indulge in this, it is not your way of life. You are the true warriors and creators, the peacemakers. Follow your route, do not stumble and fall trying to hold yourself back from your true gifts and power that is within you.

Do you think the angels come visit you with a pack of cards? So if you are also an angel, why do you need this? Soul reading is natural for all of us. Why should we read another twin? We can teach another twin how to unravel his or her own gifts to read souls. Why are you reading someone instead of triggering them to their own connections? Surely we are all the same. Surely we are all capable of attaining the same levels of growth, surely we can teach each other instead of depend on one another.

Please brothers and sisters, I write this today to show you that this life is important, this lifetime is here for us to use the appropriate way. Everything you need is right here in this book, the rest of your guidance shouldn’t even come from another book ever. You will come direct to God and the angels of the hierarchy to assist you and anoint you with all you will ever need to become God’s true warrior. We are his plan, we are the future. We are the new earth and we will create and innovate new plans for all in this world, we will overtake the corrupt laws. We must focus on this and we must move forward stronger than ever. Now is definitely the time so stop hindering in your steps. Take action, take pride in your force for God, only you can boast about God’s ways. You are the children of God. We are all one.


Author. I write the light for love, freedom and soul mastery. Ascended Deva Ray — anointed author. Divine Soul Activator. http://www.divinesoulplan.com

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